About Bridal Wear

Fashion designing is not just a field it’s a whole new era in the honor of women. The era that lets women being themselves, that helps them to discover their true femininity and becoming a bride is the best time in life for rediscovering this aspect.
Fashion is the language of an individual’s body. In the modern world, the way you look is the most important thing. When it comes to clothing; the beauty of clothing is the dignity of your personality. Consequently, it is the bride that is most worthy of the best-designed clothing for her “big day”.The bride must be very conscious of the dress because today the couples need wonderful, amazing and delightful positions at the site of marriage, and a dream.

In 2019, Bequeen is the latest and the perfect Pakistani brand of fashion designers that offer to complete bridal couture covering a wide range of wedding dresses at different wedding events, including Mehndi, Barat, Walima and nikkah. Brides are ought to visit the latest bridal gowns and latest wedding dresses to find all the modern and traditional designer wedding dresses in one place.  Bequeen has created a beautiful collection of delicate and versatile wedding dresses. Certainly, this is a valuable collection that must not be missed by the young brides of this time.

Bequeen masters in the embroidered patterns of the traditional lehenga and blouse shirts and the bridal pajamas, their appearance and design. It creates masterpieces with the delicate work of hand embroidery, dabka and gota work taking the bridal dresses to a new level. There is no doubt that Bequeen, with experience of over 42 Years in the fashion industry have proved itself undoubted, as one of the best bridal dress designers in Pakistan.